Christie Henderson


Independent Board Member – Board Chair, Audit, Finance and Governance Committees


Christie Henderson is a successful entrepreneur and business builder, exceptional advisor, professional and community leader, Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant and certified Corporate Director (ICD.D) with more than 20 years of experience with consumer products, retail, real estate, brewery, food and professional service industries and private equity. She is an experienced board chair, governance, audit and risk committee board member. Christie is strategic, innovative, creative, an inspiring mentor, passionate about corporate culture and is a life long learner. She has extensive knowledge in the areas of financial reporting and enterprise risk management, strategy, M&A, corporate finance, governance and succession planning.

Skills and Expertise:

Financial and enterprise risk management, corporate strategy, performance management and compensation, private company accounting and financial reporting, corporate governance, team building and engagement, M&A, corporate finance and entrepreneurship.

Industry Experience:

Private equity and consumer products, retail, real estate, brewery, food, and professional service industries.

Christie enjoys a busy life at home with her husband Kirk and their three boys. She spends her spare time running marathons, skiing, playing tennis and traveling.