Family Office Services




Henderson Partners LLP has a dedicated team of advisors available to oversee and manage the complex financial affairs of our client families and their business. These professionals provide unbiased and integrated services including specialized tax planning, charitable giving, multi-generational wealth management, strategy and oversight.

Our advice is provided with a complete understanding of the family and our services are adapted to meet our clients’ specific needs. We coordinate and connect with all of a family’s advisors and are available to facilitate family meetings to articulate the family’s values, discuss estate planning, asset management and other necessary business. By acting as a family office we are able to look after our clients’ interests while eliminating their stress.

Comprehensive Planning Services
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Net Worth Management 
• Tax Planning
• Succession & Estate Planning
• Optimal Ownership Structures
• Strategic Philanthropic Planning
• Sophisticated Risk Management Planning

Investment Strategy & Oversight
• Portfolio review and assessment
Manager search
• Investment oversight
Ongoing monitoring and review

Proactive Monitoring & Administration Services
Maintenance of Family Records
• Tax Return preparation for individuals, private holing and operating companies & family trusts
• Corporate & Trust tax services
Cash management and budgeting
Financial statement preparations
Foundation & Philanthropy administration
Consolidated Investment Reporting
Trustee & Executor Services
Coordination of family meetings & advisor team

Family Governance
Development of Family Wealth Charter & Vision
• Family communication strategy
• Conflict management
Coordinate communications between family members and other interested stakeholders
Organize and moderate family meetings
Family Stewardship meetings
Counsel individual family members regarding the structure of their own finances to maximize the benefits of strategies taken for the family as a whole.
Health advocacy
• Philanthropic planning and management
• Referrals to other specialists

I’ve had a trusted relationship with Christie Henderson and her team for over 18 years. Henderson Partners has been instrumental with offering business advice around mergers and acquisitions, ultimately helping Mico Systems to become one of Canada’s fastest growing companies ranked 241 on the 2016 Profit 500.


Scott Barrett

Mico Systems

Christie is our accounting superhero. For over a decade she has been a trusted advisor with a truly unique ability. Her herculean, professional strengths are only matched by her genuine care for our family and family enterprise and that has helped us reliably manage short term needs in a professional and innovative manner and helped us realize our long term goals


George Carras

Real Strategies

I have been working with Christie since I started my business 17 years ago. I have relied on her input, expertise and planning skills throughout my career. Christie has always been my most vital sounding board, in times of challenge and growth she always has valuable insights and advice. The entire Henderson Partners team go above and beyond to provide outstanding service.


Cristina Burgess

Augustina Boutiques