At Henderson Partners, we are very fortunate to have an amazing team. So fortunate in fact that all our members are superheroes. Yep. That’s right. Cape and all. To keep our superheroes in top form, we’ve created our Superhero Recognition Award. Why? Well who doesn’t like a gold cape????

We’re not out to change the world in a single leap over a tall building. We are here to deliver the best customer service possible AND make sure our team is strong, collaborative and supportive. By making sure we’re all working with the same values, we’ll build each others super powers and those tall buildings will be that much easier to leap.

The Inaugural Winner of our Golden Cape award for living the Henderson Partners values of team work, professionalism and service beyond the call of duty to her team mates goes to Jacky Cawse!!!

“Thank you for the Golden Cape award. I’ve always secretly suspected that I could rock a cape! It’s wonderful to be part of a team that strives to embody “superhero” qualities such as collaboration, communication and bringing in cookies to brighten up the day. It makes coming to work fun. Thanks team!”

Jacqueline Cawse, Superhero